Welcome to Eatonia Oasis Living

Eatonia Oasis Living is a personal care home offering 24 hour quality care, in a safe and comfortable home environment with a full range of services. We fill a void for people who cannot manage in their own homes due to health reasons or safety issues, but do not qualify for long term care in a government facility.

Resident Support Program

Resident Support Program
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The Eatonia Health Centre is located within our building. Some of the services provided through Saskatchewan Health Authority include Physician/Nurse Practitioner clinic, Lab services, Wellness Clinic, Dietician services, Public Health Services (immunizations, flu shots), Occupational Therapy and a Client Care Coordinator.

We are located within the town of Eatonia, which has a population of approximately 500. It is a beautiful town, with tree lined, paved streets and a substantial business area of grocery stores, restaurants, confectionery, service stations, tavern, insurance office, library, motel, community hall, arena, swimming pool etc.

We are a community owned, non-profit facility, operated by a volunteer board of directors.